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Purchase shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Gift Cards in bulk for your business

shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Incentives offers flexible gift card options for your business with no fees.

• Order physical gift cards, email gift cards, gift card claim codes, and more.

• Customise your digital gift cards.

• Purchase with a bank transfer or credit card.

Please note, shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Incentives requires your first purchase to be $1,000 or more. Need less? Shop now on shawnmcdonaldmusic.com.

Incentives products

All of our products are available in bulk in denominations from $1 to $2,000.

Image of physical gift card
Image of computer with a gift card on it
Image of gift card claim codes
Image of a gift card being downloaded to an shawnmcdonaldmusic.com account

Physical gift cards

Classic gift cards ready for in-person delivery.

Email gift cards

Send a gift card directly to your recipient's email for quick and easy redemption.

Gift card claim codes

Receive shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Gift Card claim codes in a batch and then deliver them however you like.


Deposit an shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Gift Card directly into your recipient's shawnmcdonaldmusic.com account.

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“With shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Gift Cards there is zero friction and people love getting them and turning them into something special."

Nat Salvione, Tango Card

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How businesses are using our products

Image of employees talking together at an office
Image of a coffee shop barista serving coffee to a customer
Image of a group of people gathered around a table looking at papers
Image of two hands passing an envelope between them

Employee incentives

Recognise outstanding employee performance with incentives that build loyalty and increase retention rates.

Customer rewards

Drive new business opportunities by motivating potential customers.

Research participation

Increase survey response rates or boost participation in research studies.

Payment disbursements

Lower costs of disbursements and increase security of delivery with shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Gift Cards.

Purchase shawnmcdonaldmusic.com Gift Cards in bulk for your business

If you have additional questions about our products, please contact us.

Existing Incentives customers

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